The Access to Care® Program

Access to Care® is a model primary health care program serving low-income uninsured individuals in suburban Cook County, Illinois and in Chicago, west of Pulaski Road AND north of North Avenue.

The Access to Care® program is a unique public/private partnership making primary health care and the ancillary pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services available to the most forgotten segment of our population, the working poor.  The program provides diagnosis and treatment to individuals and families for a small co-payment per visit, procedure or prescription medication.

Access to Care® contracts with local providers throughout Cook County, Illinois and pays them a discounted rate to provide services.

Eligibility screening is determined by the following criteria: family incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level, with no health insurance (or a deductible of $500 or more per person);ineligible for Medicaid or Medicare and residence in suburban Cook County or northwest Chicago (west of Pulaski Rd. AND north of North Ave.) in Chicago. Registration takes place at local township offices, public health departments and community social service agencies.

Physicians volunteer to participate and choose the number of patients they will add to their practice. They are compensated at the rate of $68.00 per patient per year.


Non-Refundable Annual Enrollment Fees are:
$20 for one person
$40 for two people
$50 for three or more people in one family
Fees are based on family size of eligible applicants.
Family is defined as husband, wife, number of children under age 21.


Patients pay:
$5 per office visit
$5 for lab and radiology tests of specimen drawn
$10 for generic, $20 for preferred brand name,
and $30 for non-preferred brand name prescription medication.
Patients on maintenance medication pay these co-payments for a 30 day supply.




Access to Care® has been endorsed by the Institute of Medicine of Chicago, the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians, the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, The American College of Physicians/Northern Illinois Region and is supported by the Chicago Medical Society.


Access to Care®
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